Ithaca NY-based singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, producer-engineer Rich DePaolo regularly performs throughout the Northeast US in support of numerous acts, and has
recorded and toured extensively throughout the US and Canada.

Rich released his second full-length album,
"Killed for Kings," in May, 2018.



In-depth interview with Eric Clay on
the “Made of Clay Report, 7/14/2019



“Killed for Kings contains 12
high-quality songs that no fan of the
singer-songwriter genre should miss.”

Four stars (out of 4).


"Killed For Kings" is a valuable collection of beautiful ballads that are sung flawlessly by their composer”

(on “For the Loss of Divinity”)
”an uncommonly original songwriter, an unusually good guitar and bass player, an exceptionally emotional singer and an extremely talented producer.”
”stretches the singer-songwriter genre.”

(on “Killed for Kings”)
“….well-thought, naturally flowing melodies.” “…sings just as regretfully as beautifully.”
”DePaolo is one of the great ones.”


" 'Killed for Kings' has something to say, without any doubt, and not all of it will be comfortable for the powerful
if they’re listening."

" 'Killed for Kings' is well worth the wait —
it combines intriguing lyrics with stellar musicianship and sublime production to add up to a great 12-song album."

"Rich DePaolo delivers bright
songwriting with dark insights"

"... an intense and cathartic collection of inspired, self-reflective tracks."

Q&A on inspiration, songwriting, etc.


In-depth radio interview and
live solo performance.